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    Huangshan City Exhibition Hall

    The Exhibition Hall functions as a conference center and a showcase for Huangshan City. It is designated as a modern international tourist destination, a place to receive foreign guests and a venue for introducing the city’s culture. The Exhibition Hall promotes the city’s image, achievements and urban planning. It is an important attraction for tourists at home and abroad.

    Situated in No. 56, Yingbin Avenue, Tunxi District of Huangshan City, the Exhibition Hall is conveniently accessible from both the Huangshan International Airport and the high-speed Huangshan North Railway Station (15 minutes by car). In its neighborhood are other great public facilities such as China Huizhou Culture Museum, City Library, Huizhou Pastry Museum, China Huizhou Cuisine Museum, the National Palace Museum Workshop for Huizhou Traditional Craftsmanship, and Huangshan Cultural and Creative Town. The advantageous location of the Exhibition Hall and the proximity to other public facilities, pioneering the modern service industry, will make it a new landmark for Huangshan City and lead the cultural tourism industry.

    With a construction area of 17,000 square meters and an exhibition area of 8,000 square meters, the Exhibition Hall showcases the past, the present, and the future of Huangshan in five themes, namely the impression of Huangshan, the history and culture of Huangshan, modern Huangshan, ecological Huangshan, and the multi-dimensional Huangshan. The Exhibition Hall hosts fourteen different exhibits, including the landmark new media artistic display in the atrium (“Dream Clouds”, “Wishing Pool”, “Harvest Dream”), the large-scale panoramic and interactive virtual tour of the ancient architectural protection area, the holographic interactive presentation of the “Huizhou Old Street”, and the iconic hexahedral “Dream Cube”, all being used for the first time in city exhibition halls in China. The conference center takes up an area of ??1,360 square meters. It has a multi-functional conference room, a round table meeting room, and a VIP reception room.

    Featuring unique shapes, wonderful spatial use and offering a fantastic visiting experience, the Exhibition Hall was designed by Mr. Yao Renxi, the famous architect from Taiwan. He and his team were inspired by Li Bai’s poem “Seeing off Mr. Wen to his Former House at White Goose Ridge of Huangshan”, which reads “Huangshan towers thousand meters high, boasting red cliffs and stone pillars; only after strenuous and painstaking climbing, can one enjoy the crystal clear sky ...”.

    The exhibition highlights five displays, namely, “a painting, a cloud, a street, a dream, and a center”. To be more specific, they are the animated paintings in the prelude hall, the dream cloud, “No Township without Huizhou Merchants”, the dream cube and the exploration center. The creative presentation guarantees an extraordinary experience for the visitors with its artistic taste and scientific design.